The Green League and lignite

When the lignite mines in Lusatia were officially approved without environmental impact assessments in 1994, the Green League was the only environmental organization to file suit against these mining approvals and to pursue its action right up to the Federal Administrative Court. This was also necessary because the people of Horno were denied this right (a court decision that, in another case, was later held to be unconstitutional by the Federal Administrative Court).

The Green League has been involved in numerous court proceedings to save the Lacoma wetlands from destruction in favour of the Cottbus-North lignite mine.
In 2007 we were the first environmental organisation starting a campaign against new mining projects bringing the affected villages into contact.


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25 January 2019
Berlin, vorauss. Bundeswirtschaftsministerium
Klimastreik #FridaysForFuture
25 January 2019
12:00 -
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(letzte) Sitzung der Kohle kommission
01 February 2019
Berlin, voraussichtlich Bundeswirtschaftsministerium
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30 March 2019
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